Biographical Information

David Arnold

David Arnold was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee on January 17, 1930.

He remembers surviving the early years of the depression on a small farm near Ethridge, Tennessee. His father died in 1936 following thyroid surgery, but he was well cared for by his mother who went to work to support him and his two older brothers. David mowed yards, delivered newspapers, janitored at the Ethridge Church, and worked in a small grocery from about the age of eleven through high school.

David's elder brother was lost in 1944 when his airplane, a B26, disappeared on a training flight from Miami, Florida back to his home base at Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was training his last crew to go overseas.

His other brother was completing his training as a B25 pilot at the time, but he did not have to go overseas because of the victory over Japan in 1945.

Partly through the insurance his mother received upon the loss of his elder brother, David was able to attend and finish David Lipscomb College, receiving a B.A. degree in Bible, mathematics and speech in 1952.

From 1949, the day before his 19th birthday, and for two and one-half years David preached different Sundays each month for five churches in Lawrence County, Tennessee. He worked with the Downtown Church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee during the summer of 1951, and, in the fall of his last year at Lipscomb, he began work with the church in Guthrie, Kentucky where he stayed until October, 1952.

David married Janice Morris from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on June 8, 1952.

They were asked by the Downtown Church to consider the work in Camden, South Carolina which Downtown had determined to assist by supporting a preacher. They left Guthrie and worked with the church in Camden until 1958.

They went to help establish a congregation in Gonzales, Louisiana in 1958 where they stayed until 1962. While there, David attended the Louisiana State University and received an MA in Speech with emphasis on Speech Pathology and Audiology.

They moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in August, 1962 to begin work at Middle Tennessee State College (now University) where David began a program in speech pathology and audiology and also taught the basic public speaking course. Janice completed work which she had begun at LSU and then worked as a speech pathologist in the local schools from 1963 to 1995.

They have essentially supported themselves in church work since 1962. They were with the church at Almaville, Tennessee from 1963-67 when they returned to LSU for one and one-half years of post graduate study and where they worked again with the church in Gonzales, Louisiana. In 1964 they assisted in establishing the University Heights Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee while also working at Almaville. In 1969, they worked with the Downtown Church in Lawrenceburg for six months while they waited for another preacher to arrive. From 1969-1978 they worked with the West High Street Church in Woodbury, Tennessee.

They assisted in the establishment of a church in Lebanon, Tennessee and worked with it from 1978-1983 when they began the Compton Road Church in their basement in Murfreesboro with four people present on February 13th. After meeting in a store front for a while, in 1985 the congregation built a small building at 663 Compton Road.

David and Janice worked in Jamaica on several occasions from 1986 to 1993. They worked with churches in Budapest, Hungary and Timisoara, Romania one summer. While in Europe they were able to visit brethren in Slovakia, Cheznia, Belgium and Germany.

Since retiring from MTSU David has been able to spend more time in teaching and preaching.