Biographical Information
John Carlos Bailey

John Carlos Bailey was born on September 13, 1903. His father, Thomas Ward Bailey, was a preacher of the Gospel in Ontario, Canada. His mother was Edith (Cann) Bailey.

In the waters of Lake Huron, John Carlos put on Christ in baptism in 1913. He preached his first sermon when he was seventeen, by which time he already had a good knowledge of the Scriptures because of the emphasis placed on the Word of God in the Bailey home.

Shortly before his eighteenth birthday, he travelled from his home in Eastern Canada to Carman, Manitoba to attend a winter Bible training school.

The next summer he worked for the railroad in Ontario. At the end of the summer he went to Bromhead, Saskatchewan to work in the harvest and preach before returning to Carman for the second year of Bible school.

After finishing the two-year course, at the age of 19, he went to Montana to preach in March of 1923. He travelled from community to community preaching sermons each night in meetings that lasted a week or more in school houses, homes and community halls in Montana and North Dakota. By the end of 1923, twenty had responded to the gospel after hearing his preaching and two new congregations had been established.

That year he also met his wife-to-be, Myrtle Deane Buckallew. They were married on January 3, 1924 and Myrtle was his faithful wife and companion until she went to be with the Lord on July 25, 1997.

Until May of 1925, J.C. continued working with various churches and holding gospel meetings in Montana and North Dakota.

He then went back to Ontario and worked with the Woodgreen congregation until 1928, when he and his family moved west to Saskatchewan. He continued holding meetings from community to community in schools or halls, wherever people might attend. Many people obeyed the gospel who continued as stalwart Christians for the rest of their lives. With other brethren he also helped to organize and teach winter Bible schools during the thirties.

In 1940 J.C. and his family went back to Ontario for four years where he worked with the church in Meaford. During this period J.C. took over publication of the Gospel Herald, that had been started by Bob Sinclair. He held gospel meetings in many different communities in Ontario and also in Quebec.

From 1944 to 1955 the Bailey family lived in Radville, Saskatchewan. From there J.C. continued to publish the Gospel Herald and to hold gospel meetings in the area. He was one of the first directors of Radville Christian College, and also served as treasurer and head of the Bible Department. In 1953 J.C. turned the publication of the Gospel Herald over to Eugene Perry and Roy Merrit, although he continued to serve as an associate editor.

In July of 1955 J.C. accepted an invitation to work with the church in Carman, Manitoba. While at Carmon, J.C. and Myrtle adopted three girls, to fill out their family from seven children to ten. Norman, Stanley, Ray, Roy, Marie, John and Mavis, then had Carol, Debra and Margo as their new little sisters.

In July of 1959 J.C. moved his family back to Saskatchewan to work with the congregation in Moose Jaw.

On April 25, 1963 - a few months short of 60 years of age when many men are thinking of retiring - J.C. set foot on the soil of India for the first time and embarked on what was to become his greatest work for the Lord. Myrtle and the three girls followed three months later. At that time there were about 80 known members of churches of Christ in India, in what was then Assam.

During the years that followed, the same knowledge of the Scriptures, dynamic preaching, and burning zeal for lost souls that had resulted in hundreds being baptized in all parts of Canada, was to result in thousands being baptized in India. Within five years, more than 20,000 had been baptized into Christ and hundreds of new congregations of the Lord's people had been established. J.C. and Myrtle resided in India for nine years. After that J.C. continued to make regular preaching trips to India.

Many others have contributed to the work in India through the years. After fifteen years, the number of churches of Christ had grown to over 2000 and 180,000 had been baptized.

In November of 1988 J.C. made his 21st evangelistic trip to India at the age of 85. He went again in 1990.

It is no longer possible to have any idea of how many are presently assembling in India, but the number is probably around half a million.

J.C. passed away on July 2, 2001 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan at the age of 97.

(Information compiled by Roy Davison from "Forty Years a Canadian Preacher" by J.C. Bailey, "Evidences of the Personal Touch" by Myrtle Bailey, and from personal correspondence.)