Biographical Information

Florence Aline (Manahan) Edson

I was born May 13, 1921, in Teague, Texas.

I spent growing-up years in Houston where I attended both Rice and the University of Houston. I am a retired language arts teacher.

I was widowed on May 19, 1997 after 54 years of marriage to John P. Edson, Sr. To that union there were born two sons and two daughters whose families have produced seven grandchildren (five grown-up) and one great-grandchild.

My husband was stricken with Alzheimer's disease for almost four years before his death.

In connection with both military and civil service, we spent a great many years moving about - from Texas, on the Mexican border, to California, and all the way to Hawaii (U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service) and we were at many inland posts as well.

We settled finally in the Texas Hill Country in 1978 and had almost twenty wonderful retirement years. We both wrote during that time and have three self-published books, two of a secular nature: anecdotal family history, war memories, newspaper columns, etc. and the third my own collection of contemporary Christian essays, ON EAGLE WING.