In His Hand

When all is said and done, the most comforting concept to me (this side of Jordan) is that God is sovereign in the world. Nothing escapes Him, and in His benevolene He works everything out for the good of those who love Him and are allowing Him to work His purpose in their lives.

It must be akin to the security a child feels when his father is firmly in control of his environment. Being helpless and vulnerable as children, we must feel a kindly presence more powerful than ourselves if we would be comfortable and secure in the home as children and in the world as His children.

When the evidence of the devil's work breaks all around us every day, we must take refuge in a God who holds all of it in His hand - the good, the bad, the willing and the unwilling: the entire operation. He is all powerful, ever-present, all knowing. He is in benevolent control of the whole operation.

I need to know that with every breath I take. The world would be a scary, meaningless place if we were not in His hand.

Aline Edson

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