What if He Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us?

If Jesus came to our world today, what would He do? If He woke up in the morning where we are, what would He think? How would He spend His time today? What would be His priorities? We know from the Record that He would spend His time with people. They are all that will count on into eternity. But how? Where? Would He stand up to read in our assemblies? Would we invite Him? Would He teach on the hillside? In the city auditorium? The looks of things have changed, but basic human nature and needs have not changed one iota since Adam walked in the Garden. So the essentials are still the same. And Scripture says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. What's really important is as it was, is and always shall be. We need, then, to ponder exactly what He would do in our world because that is our assignment: we are divinely designated to do His work in whatever time span we find ourselves. Would He be interested in politics? Would He vote? We know He would pay taxes because He did. And He taught subjection to governing bodies -- even the corrupt Roman government. How would He conduct Himself in controversy? As a sheep to the slaughter, opening not His mouth? Or with a whip? Or both as the situation demanded? Would He consider the Internet worthwhile in His work? Would He continue His one-on-one ministry in this complex, ever-expanding world?

If His followers in every place and every time period conducted themselves as He would if He were there, then He would have been everywhere, and His work would have been successfully accomplished. We need to work through the superficial changes in times and places and concentrate on the things that haven't, and won't change, namely Jesus and human need of Him. It takes some imagination to see the person of Jesus walking our city streets, reading our daily headlines, but it might be an enlightening exercise. The world is still saying, or ought to be, "Sirs, we would see Jesus." It's up to His followers to give them that opportunity. It is our high privilege and solemn obligation.

Aline Edson

Published in The Old Paths Archive