Biographical Information
Marshall Keeble

Marshall Keeble was born on a farm near Murfreesboro, Tennessee on December 7, 1878. He passed away on April 20, 1968 and is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery, 1428 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, Tennessee.

His parents, Robert and Mittie Keeble, moved to Nashville when he was four years old. There he attended the Bellview and Noles Schools until the seventh grade when his formal education ended. He was baptized in 1895 by Preston Taylor. When he was in his eighties, he was given an honorary doctor's degree in recognition of his contributions to Christian education and his effectiveness as a gospel preacher.

Marshall married Minnie Womack in 1896. After their marriage, Marshall worked for a time in a soap factory. Later he purchased a grocery store. He also purchased a huckster's wagon. Minnie ran the store while Marshall sold produce on a route around the streets of northern Nashville. Later a second store was purchased.

With the help of his father-in-law, S.W. Womack, and the encouragement of other gospel preachers, Marshall started preaching the gospel in 1897. In 1914 he decided to give up all his business interests and preach full-time. He dedicated himself to evangelistic work holding gospel meetings in brush-arbors, tents, barns and church buildings. He established over 200 congregations over the next sixty years of preaching. Sometimes he would baptize over 100 people in a single gospel meeting.

In the early 1920's A. M. Burton began supporting brother Keeble and helped him in both his travels and his work for the rest of his life. Brother Burton was founder of the Life and Casualty Insurance Company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Marshall and Minnie were married for thirty-six years until her untimely death on December 11, 1932. They had five children, two of whom died in infancy. One of their sons, Clarence, died at the age of ten when he was electrocuted by touching a high voltage wire on a utility pole in their front yard. A daughter died in 1935, and their son, Robert, died in 1964.

After the death of his first wife, he met a young woman from Corinth, Mississippi by the name of Laura Catherine Johnson. They were married on April 3, 1934. Laura and Marshall never had children, but she was mother to the children he had by his first wife, Minnie.

In 1942 he became the first president of the Nashville Christian Institute. The Institute opened its doors in 1940 as a night school for adults. When Marshall became president, it began offering day classes to young people. He served as its president until 1958.

Brother Keeble baptized more than forty thousand people in gospel meetings during his lifetime. He never served a local congregation as a full-time minister. He said he did not have time to because he wanted to be preaching the gospel every day!

When he was 82 he made an evangelistic journey to Europe, the Holy Land and Africa.