1945-1995! Fifty years may not be very long in terms of history but the completion of fifty years provides a memorial to the past and a launching pad to the future for an institution such as Western Christian College. There are some living today who can well remember the hopes and dreams that accompanied the resolution to organize and operate Radville Christian College. There are more who can remember the courage and foresight of those who engineered the move to Weyburn and the attendant change of name to Western Christian College. And there are many more who can recall the excitement and the anxiety that were present when Western Christian College moved to Dauphin, Manitoba. Twelve years in Radville, thirty-two in Weyburn and six in Dauphin combine to provide a most interesting backdrop for the history of our school.

Readers of this volume are indebted to Miss Lillian Torkelson whose faithful service over most of these fifty years has provided an eye witness account to most of the events here recorded, and to Mr. Roger Peterson who also served the college for many of these years.

Many who read this book will find recorded a piece of their own personal history, for hundreds of lives have touched one another in numerous ways during the half-century in question. Not only does this history concern itself with teachers and students. Also involved in a very real sense are parents and grandparents, support staff and volunteers, financial supporters and prayer partners and those whose lives have been touched by alumni for five decades.

Change is essential to growth and these pages reflect the changes that have contributed to the progress of Western Christian College. For the church and Christian Education, change in direction does not reflect growth or progress. "To God be the Glory." This is the direction to which the founders of our school pointed. And, for fifty years, the directors of the college have attempted to steer in this direction.

As we look back on fifty years and stand looking ahead, let us be encouraged, giving glory to God and proclaiming His Son as "the way, the truth, and the life."

E. D. Wieb

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