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Lectureship Speakers

The following is a list of feature speakers at Lectureships through the years. The list is not entirely complete because of scarce information. In some cases a number of speakers took part with no particular person being feature speaker. Remember also that at some times lectureships were held in the spring of the year instead of the fall as is customary today.

1946 Claude Guild (Texas)
1947 (spring) Don Morris (ACC President)
1947-1948 John Whitfield and Cecil Bailey
1948-1949 C. G. McPhee (Ontario)
1949-1950 Tex Stevens (singing school)
1950-1951 Everett Huffard (New Mexico)
1951-1952 S. C. Kinningham (Calgary)
1952-1953 Tex Stevens (lectures)
1953-1954 J. A. Wooley (Sheridan, Wyo.)
1954-1955 Roy Tidwell (3 week Gosp Mtg)
1955-1956 Clinton Brazle (and others)
1956-1957 Dale Larsen (York, Nebraska)
1957-1958 Official Opening Weyburn Campus
1958 LeMoine G. Lewis (Abilene, Tex.)
1959 Harold Thomas (Villanova, PA)
1960 John C. Stevens (Abilene, ACC)
1961 Otis Gatewood (Michigan C.C.)
1962 H. A. Dixon (Henderson, Tenn.)
1963 Henry Speck Jr. (Abilene, Tex.)
1964 Howard Horton (LA, Cal.)
1965 James LeFan (Temple, Tex.)
1966 Willie Cato (Nashville, Tenn.)
1967 Hardeman Nichols (Dallas, Tex.)
1968 Wesley Reagan (Pasadena, Tex.)
1969 V. E. Howard
1970 Don Morris (Abilene, Tex.)
1971 Lynn Anderson, Bob Douglas, and Billy Martin
1972 Lynn Anderson, Jim Hawkins, and Dwayne Eggleston
1973 Nokomis Yeldell
1974 Geoffry Ellis, Lynn Anderson, and John Bailey
1975 Richard Pectol, J. D. Sanders, Walter Hart and J.C.Bailey
1976 J. Lockhart (Houston, Tex.)
1977 Julian Goodpaster (Tenn.)
1978 Frank Worgan (Corby, England)
1979 John Bailey
1980 Joe R. Barnett (Lubbock, Tex.)
1981 Warren Wilcox
1982 Jack Evans
1983 Richard Rogers (Lubbock, Tex.)
1984 Virgil Trout (Oklahoma City)
1985 Paul Rogers
1986 Lynn Anderson
1987 Mike Armour
1988 Harold Hazelip
1989 John Bailey
1990 Eleven Canadian speakers
1991 Gary Montgomery (Eastland, Tex.)
1992 Lynn Anderson
1993 Bob Harrington, Kelly Carter, Cecil Bailey and Jack Outhier
1994 Former Presidents

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