Western Christian College
Lloyd John McMillan

John is the fourth child of William and Marie McMillan from Kennedy, Saskatchewan. He attended school at Fleetwood and Kennedy and attended grades eleven and twelve at Western Christian College, graduating in 1966. From 1966-69 he attended Oklahoma Christian University, completing a B.A. Degree in Bible, and a B.S. in Education. In 1974 he completed a B.Ed., and in 1985 a M.Ed. from the University of Regina. John taught at Western Christian College from 1969-74, and in public schools in Yellowknife and Southern Saskatchewan from 1974 until 1993 when he became president of W.C.C. He worked as a principal from 1986-93.

In 1970 John married Carolyn Reynolds. They have raised five children: Bonnie (1972), Malcolm (1974), Jason (1975-foster son since 1985), Tammy (1976-adopted 1978), and Stewart (1977). Carolyn is also a teacher and has taught at W.C.C. since 1993.

John and Carolyn have spent a great part of their lives working with youth in numerous vacation Bible schools, and camps, especially Clearview Christian Camp. John served in many areas, including as an elder with the Wawota Church of Christ, before moving to Dauphin.

At Western Christian College John's emphasis has been to balance the budget and expand the endowment programs. He has worked to revive a fuller Bible College program and expand day school opportunities to include grades five to nine students.

His greatest joy is helping others to grow spiritually in faith, hope, and love. He believes all young (and old) people need to be kept warm and fed, and taught and encouraged to look ahead.

He is so thankful for a serving and cooperative staff with which to work, and such generous supporters of Western. To God be the glory!

Published in The Old Paths Archive (http://www.oldpaths.com)

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