Western Christian College
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John Charles Murray

J.C.Murray was born August 16, 1939 at Chehalis, Washington, and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, 1950. His parents were Marshall and Anna Murray.

J.C. received his elementary and junior high school education in Chehalis and Vancouver. For further education, he attended Western Christian College (1958-61) high school and (1968-69) Bible department.

On October 13, 1962, he married Margaret Lorraine Morgan of Carman, Manitoba. They have three children: Darla (1964), Rhonda (1966), and Randal (1970). All three children have graduated from Western.

In Glasgow, Montana (1961-68), J.C. Worked in a grocery store (briefly) and sold insurance of Mutual of Omaha (six years). J. C. was employed by Western Christian College (1969-76, 1977-78) in the fields of Public relations, campus development, maintenance, and student recruitment. For two years, he was assistant to President Max Mowrer.

During his years of employment at Western he was responsible for renovations of the Sinclair Vocational Arts Building (1980), the construction of the president's house (1982), improving the appearance of the campus by planting trees, painting the weatherworn buildings, upgrading the skating rink so that it became a suitable facility for lectureship and graduations, the obtaining of the new water distribution system (1984), and the organization of the hamlet of North Weyburn (December 1981). In addition, he was in charge of Western's four major annual events: lectureship, homecoming, work-a-thon, and youth rally. He was also involved with Westerns' hockey program (1984-88).

In 1975, J.C. was appointed a deacon of the church in charge of care and maintenance of the church building for several years, during which time the annex and new entrance were built. Later he was the deacon in charge of the missions committee (1984-88).

J.C. spearheaded the move to gain hamlet status for North Weyburn. He became the chairman of the newly-formed council (1982) and remained in the office until he moved from North Weyburn in 1990.

J.C. has been honoured in a number of ways throughout his life. In 1967, he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Glasgow, Montana City Recreation Board. In 1968, he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Glasgow City Council for volunteer service. In 1971, he was chosen Alumnus of the Year by Western Christian College alumni. In 1977, the students of the college honoured him by dedicating their yearbook to him. Even as a student, J.C.Murray showed a special talent for getting things done as he organized the students to renovate a building for a student centre. In 1960, the building was officially opened with one room named the J.C.Murray Lounge.

Personal note: J.C. has gained much satisfaction from helping with the annual musical (five to six years), and the Sonshine singing group (seven to eight years). He also spent good years working with the A.C.T.S. program and the Brazle family. Among J.C.'s unforgettable moments are the beautiful devotions with the students when travelling to singing appointments.

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