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Daniel and Clara Pauls

Daniel Pauls (July 13, 1916) and Clara May Jacques (May 4, 1925) were married August 28, 1943. Children born to this union and their spouses all born again in Christ and faithful in His service: Ronald Wayne (July 2, 1944) married Rita Grace McIroy (October 7, 1942) on June 4, 1965; Eleanor Joyce (December 10, 1946) married Daniel Russel McIntee (February 8, 1946) on October 16, 1971; Carole Joanne (May 3, 1948) married Timothy Albert Cook (April 27, 1949) on December 24, 1970; Marlene Jean (July 25, 1952) married Carlos George Ashby (July 15, 1948) on August 26, 1972); Bernice June (June 30, 1957) married Paul Michael Lickman (March 25, 1957) on June 5, 1979.

We have 13 grandchildren and none have married as of this date (1991) and so we look forward with anticipation to another generation of Christians.

"Thanks to the environment of Western Christian College." How has all this become reality in the history of Western Christian College?

Once upon a time there was a young Christian man who besought the Lord for an help meet and how this could be accomplished in his life.

The Lord made it possible in a year or so for him to meet a fine Christian girl during the process of delivering milk from house to house.

While delivering milk at the hospital one morning there was a young lady at work, (just back from her holidays) who waited on him and he was so impressed that he made a bold prediction to his helper after the delivery and said, "That is my girl." They became quite interested in each other's companionship and decided to go to Radville Winter Bible School together under the direction of Wilfred Orr.

In the spring they returned to their jobs not understanding the full blessings of being together for five months, but they continued their companionship as best they could. However the bond that had developed between them must have been what people call "being in love." Being convinced that this was God's will for them, this young man made the bold approach of asking this lady to marry him and would you believe it, she accepted the proposal without reservations.

Guess Who? "Clara and Daniel" and they lived happily ever after to see 25 Christians with the potential of tripling that in the next decade.

I was born on a homestead near Chinook, Montana, being the seventh child of the family.

I remember moving to Winkler, Manitoba when I was six years old and starting to school. I enjoyed school while it lasted with math and spelling being my favourite subjects. My school life terminated with grade seven and I entered the labour force and being among mature people I learned quite young to accept responsibility.

During these years I sought after a better way of life and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in 1940. Three years later I met Clara, an orphaned young Christian lady from Haywood, Manitoba. Clara had taken her grade eight which terminated her education for much the same reason of becoming responsible for her own support.

We were married August 28, 1943, just taking off the weekend to have a small wedding in Winnipeg with $80 to conquer the whole world.

We managed a dairy farm for my uncle for several years. During this time Ronald and Eleanor were born.

After that we bought homestead rights to a quarter section of wooded land in northern Ontario. Carole was born just before we moved to Amesdale, Ontario north of Dryden, Ontario, 1948.

I had to go to Winnipeg and work in construction each summer to subsidize our income on the homestead. Marlene was born in Winnipeg in 1952.

With four children in our care we had to look for more permanent income and so moved back to Carman, Manitoba where I was in full- time construction work with Custom Built Homes.

We bought a small house in Carman where Bernice was born in 1957 and lived there until we moved to Western Christian College, 1960.

We were still working on our first million dollars and were struggling to make it possible for our children to receive a better education than what we had and so we scrimped and saved for Ron to be able to attend Western Christian College. Ron even worked to earn his tuition for the first year. This brings to mind an incident that happened during the first school year 1958-59.

Western was very prompt in letting us know when we got behind with our account and also made sure that we received their pink envelopes asking for donations.

It so happened that we were a bit late in sending our regular $50 a month for room and board. In a hurry to get it there on time so Ron would not be disqualified to write his final exams, we mailed it in a Western (pink) envelope. Lo and behold we received a thank you card for the donation we had made.

However being too proud to admit that it was a payment on our account, Western was $50 richer and for us it meant another week of hard labour. That was just a small sacrifice along with many more that supported the good work at Western.

We worked in different capacities at Western for 14 years where our children graduated from high school before going on to higher education and living successful lives.

In 1974 we moved to Beamsville, Ontario where I actually became self-employed doing carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Our basic outlook on life was not a striving after the riches of the world, but our security was in the Lord, and He has blessed us with a family not only in flesh and blood but in the Spirit serving the Lord and mankind.

Our involvement has been more in church related activities, having served as an elder at Weyburn and Grimsby. We are presently worshipping with the Beamsville church family.

However we still have fond memories of friends we left at Western and we enjoy going back whenever we can.

If there are any outstanding events during our life at Western we hope they are recorded in heaven.

I would claim some achievement in restoring the old air force barracks into practical living quarters and workable facilities for 14 years. -Submitted by: Daniel Pauls

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