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Raymona Weir Pennington

Raymona Faye Pennington (b 1932) is the daughter of Raymond and Olive Weir. She received her elementary and secondary education at Cordell, Oklahoma, and at Oklahoma City. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a minor in education, from Abilene Christian College in Texas in 1955. In Canada, she studied four classes at the University of Regina to receive her Professional A teaching certificate.

In 1956, Raymona Weir married James E. Pennington. To this union were born five sons: David (1959), James (1961), Paul (1964), Nathan (1967), and John (1971).

In the United States, Raymona taught at Guymon, Oklahoma (1955-56), and at Noodle Horn, Texas (1956-58). For the next number of years, she devoted much of her time to raising five boys. When first at Western Christian College, her teaching duties were part-time (1968-71, 1976-81), but gradually her teaching load increased until in 1989 she was teaching the majority of the English classes, French, and' E.S.L. (English as a second language to the Chinese students). Parents have suggested that Mrs. Pennington must be the best English teacher in Saskatchewan.

Raymona's many volunteer activities have been connected either with the church or with the college. She has taught ladies' Bible classes and children's classes wherever she has lived since the time of her marriage. She has taught at vacation Bible schools in Weyburn, Horse Creek, Perryville, Brandon, Estevan, and Lloydminster. She has participated in the visitation program of the Weyburn church. At the college, she has served as a gracious co- sponsor of the Chinese students and of the college class (1968-87). Because of her beautiful singing voice, she has sung at numerous weddings and funerals.

At university, Raymona was elected to Alpha Chi (a national honour society), belonged to W Club (a women's honour club) and graduated with honours.

Personal note: Raymona Pennington is delighted with the marvellous opportunities of co-ordinating Biblical principles with her literature lessons. Oftentimes when students study their literature lessons, they are required to have their Bibles present too. Annually, Raymona requests an essay, "Macbeth and the Bible" from her grade 11 class. Sometimes the students find this work a struggle but admit afterwards that it is a rewarding struggle.

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