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Elaine Roberts Vance

Elaine Freda Vance was born in 1939 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents were Frank and Katchen Roberts. She received her elementary education in the one room country school at Lakeland, Manitoba, and her high school at the Daniel McIntyre Collegiate in Winnipeg. She also studied an accounting night course at the Weyburn Community College for one semester.

In 1963, in Winnipeg, Elaine Roberts married Philip Vance of Orangeville, Ontario. They have four sons: Kevin (1965), Mark (1968), Grant (1970), and Cory (1971). Before her marriage, Elaine was employed by the Canadian Indemnity Company, Winnipeg (1957-59) and the Prudential Assurance Company of England, Winnipeg (1959-64). For a number of years after her marriage, she was occupied with raising four sons. Because of her husband's salesman job, she has lived at six different places: Oberon, Manitoba (1964-65), Kamloops, B.C. (1965-67), Salmon Arm, B.C. (1967 six months), Calgary, Alberta (Dec. 1967-74), Red Deer, Alberta (1974- 77), and Weyburn (1977-89).

Elaine accepted the position of dormitory director in Torkelson Hall in 1979 and held that position for six years. During those years, she furthered her education by attending workshops and seminars on child development, relationships, and problem solving at the Prairie Bible Institute and the Canadian Bible College. In addition, she studied Jim Pennington's class on communications.

After Torkelson Hall closed in 1985, Elaine worked as a college custodian for one year. In 1986, she became the bookkeeper and retains that position at present (1989).

As a volunteer, Elaine has taught Sunday school classes at Winnipeg, Calgary, and Red Deer, V.B.S. at Weyburn, and worked on the Joy Bus (1979-82). She has been both cook and teacher at several camp sessions at, Kenosee Lake. In Red Deer, she assisted in the organization of the Block Parent Program and in Weyburn, she served on the Weyburn Home and School Association Executive.

Among the honours she has received, Elaine treasures her athletic victories in Winnipeg and her service awards in Weyburn. At Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, she won first in the ball throw, and came third in the city of Winnipeg. She also played in the softball championship game in Winnipeg. At Western, she has received both the five-year and ten-year service pins and certificates. While working in Torkelson Hall for six years, Elaine enjoyed many precious times with the girls and suffered the bad times when dealing with serious discipline problems. One rich blessing has been the opportunity to watch "the kids" grow and mature and to visit with them when they return after graduation. However, Elaine considers that the greatest blessing of her life at the college has been the many worthwhile lessons her own sons have learned in classes, and while participating in college activities.

Published in The Old Paths Archive (http://www.oldpaths.com)

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