Biographical Information

Donny Weimar

Donny W. Weimar was born on September 11, 1969 at Passadena, Texas.

Donny was raised as a Lutheran. He began to have doubts, however, when he attended catechism class. He explains: "I'll never forget Pastor Ted's catechism class. I asked him in all sincerity one afternoon, 'Pastor, when are we going to study the Bible?' He abruptly snorted back, 'This is not a Bible class! This is a class about what the Lutherans believe!' I was shocked. I thought I was learning what it really meant to become a Christian. Well, my heritage quickly turned into skepticism after that. I began praying and searching for the truth. I read my Bible, but didn't understand the King's English very well."

When Donny was a senior in secondary school he began dating a girl who attended the Northside Church of Christ in Bonham, Texas. A Lutheran buddy of his (the stepson of the Luthern pastor) was also dating a Christian who attended in a nearby town.

Donny explains what happened: "As my new girlfriend entered the picture, my buddy started asking me all these weird questions that his girlfriend was throwing at him. I had no idea how to answer them. John was baptized. My girlfriend invited me to Bible class, and I went. I sat listening and continued reading my Bible at home for several weeks. Then, she dumped me for another guy. But, I was enamored with these sweet people and the convictions they bore. I listened intently one Sunday morning as the plan of salvation was presented on the chalk board. I understood it; it all came together so simply. I told the teacher I wanted to be baptized." Thus Donny was baptized into Christ on May 22, 1988.

He began preaching in 1989.

On September 11, 1993 he and Eilene Kocur were married. They have three children: Nicolas (February 22, 1999), Lucas (June 4, 2000) and Abigail (November 1, 2003).

Donny completed a Bachelor of Science degree in 1994 at Texas A&M - Commerce with a first major in Radio/TV Broadcasting and a second major in Speech Communications. In 1996 he received a Certificate of Biblical Studies from the Brown Trail School of Preaching and he has studied Christian doctrine and apologetics with the Tennessee Bible College.

Donny has preached for various congregations through the years and is currently working with the church of Christ at Valley Mills, Texas.