Wise Use of Time

Wise use of time does not mean we always have to be "busy." We live in a youth-oriented, "on the go," society. That, I think, has greatly influenced Christian thought. We back our thoughts up with a few Scriptures, but sometimes do not observe the overall picture. Jesus was not ALWAYS feeding the multitude or healing the sick or performing miracles. He and His disciples left the multitude at times. This is indicated by the fact that He could explain the parables to them in private. There was time for prayer to His father. And there was time for personal fellowship and social fellowship. He visited with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. And when He was at the wedding in Cana there is no indication that this was an unusual event in itself.

The saying, "God first, others next, self last," is of merit, but it is not entirely Scriptural. We are commanded to love others AS ourselves. If we do, indeed, love God first, then love ourselves as He loves us -- enough to care for ALL our needs -- then we can properly care for the needs of others. And while spiritual needs are of primary consideration, man also has many other needs. God not only created man, He also created all things to meet his needs, and even a wife so he would not be alone, for "He saw that it was not good for the man to be alone."

There is a time to be busy about our Father's business. There is also a time to just sit and observe His handiwork and learn to love and praise Him more!

Sandra F. Cobble

Published in The Old Paths Archive