Search the Scriptures

“Search the Scriptures,
for in Them Ye Think
Ye Have Eternal Life,
and They Are They
Which Testify of Me”

Search the Scriptures every day,
Read them through and through.
Then if your desire is to be saved
You’ll know just what to do.
Do not take what others say
And think that they are right,
But read the Bible for yourself
And you will see the light.
For we are taught in Mark sixteen
The commands the Savior gave
To His Apostles long ago,
Whereby we must be saved.
So just take it as it stands.
Hear it, believe it and obey.
Do not listen to someone else
Lest you be led astray.
For there are many creeds of men,
Different churches of every kind,
But when we search God’s Holy Writ
The church of Christ is all we find.
We turn to Acts in chapter two
And there we see the Simple Way
That Peter taught three thousand souls
On that great Pentecostal day.
He told them how by wicked hands
They took and crucified the Lord.
They saw the great mistake they made
And believed the Holy Word.
So they cried out to the Apostles,
“Men and Brethren, what shall we do?”
“Repent and be baptized,” said Peter,
“And the Lord will pardon you.”
So they believed just what he said,
And confessed their faith that day,
And were baptized into the Lord,
Proceeding on the heavenly way.
So now we turn to Acts nineteen
Where some are found who couldn’t see
Just how to obey the Lord’s command
From sin to be made free.
So there we find old Brother Paul
Who preached to them God’s Holy Word.
And when they heard it they believed
And were baptized into the Lord.
So let us read some more in Acts,
In chapter eight, verse thirty-seven.
There we see what the Eunuch did
That he might get to heaven.
Now don’t get tired, but read some more,
In Acts twenty-two and verse sixteen
What Ananias told Saul of Tarsus.
There the way is plainly seen.
So while you’re passing through this life,
If someone comes and says to you:
“My desire is to be saved
But I don’t know just what to do.”
Just point him to what Peter says
In Acts two, verse thirty-eight,
And tell him to accept it now
Before it is too late.
Also let him read First Peter,
Chapter three, verse twenty-one.
Then he can straightway see
What it is that must be done.
Do not tell him he must wait
Until another day
And look for something he can’t get
In any other way,
For Jesus says, “I am the way,”
Because He rose from the grave,
He also says, “Come unto me,
And you, I will surely save.”
Thus my friend if you’re out of Christ,
You must surely get within
If you expect to reign with Him,
In a land that’s free from sin.
So now’s the time, the accepted time,
Accept it now and be wise.
Just believe his Holy Word,
Repent, confess, and be baptized.
Some preachers are so uninformed
That they cry out very bold
And tell lost wayward sinners
That baptism doesn’t save the soul.
So I point them to First Peter,
Chapter three, verse twenty-one,
“Baptism doth now also save”
Through God’s only begotton Son.
Then if that doesn’t convince them,
I refer them to John three, verse five,
That in order to enter the Kingdom,
They must surely be baptized.
This was said by the Master,
Spoken while on earth He trod,
Unless one of water and Spirit is born,
He cannot see the Kingdom of God.
And it is also plainly written
In Galatians three, verse twenty-seven,
That into Christ they were baptized,
And were on their way to heaven.
So if you’re in a lost condition
And desire a better way,
Just believe the Savior’s teaching,
And accept His Word today.
Lay aside all sin and folly,
Prepare yourself for paradise.
Do not deny what Jesus says:
“Repent, confess and be baptized.”
So search the Scriptures for yourself
And read them every day.
Do not listen to someone else
Or you might go astray.

Yours for the Bible,
Etowah, Tennessee.

Published in The Old Paths Archive