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John Stanley Close

John Stanley Close (b. 1936) is the second child of John and Lois Close of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He received his elementary and secondary education in Winnipeg. His post secondary education is extensive: United College in Winnipeg (1954-55); University of Manitoba (1955-56, 1957-58); Abilene Christian College (1965-January 1968, Bachelor of Science degree); University of Texas, Austin (1968-73, Ph.D. in physical chemistry); University of Regina (three night classes and fall semester 1977), these were methods classes required for his Professional A teaching certificate.

Jack married Carolyn Ann McCurdy in 1966 and adopted her children Cindy and Allen. Carolyn and Cindy passed away in September 1967, in an unfortunate car-pedestrian accident. Jack married Karen Westerman in January 1969, and two children were born to this union: Kristi (1974), and John (1976). Jack was employed at Canada Packers, Winnipeg as laboratory technician (1956-57, 1958-63) and since that time at Western Christian College except when on educational leave. At the college, his service has been varied: dormitory, director, Hanes Hall (1963-65, 1974-76); intramural activities and chorus (1963-65); teacher (1963-65, 1973-89); and principal/academic dean (1985-89). His main teaching subjects have been physics, chemistry, science, and algebra. Jack introduced computer science to the college and computerized the academic office (1985-89).

While at Western, Jack also taught two annual Bible classes, "The Christian and Modern Morals" and "Developing a Strong Personal Faith."

As a member of the local church of Christ congregation, Jack served as a deacon (1975-89) in charge of church family life and has taught adult Bible classes, the book of James (three times), developing faith, church fellowship (two times).

When I asked him what honours he has received in his life, he mentioned a rather unique one: At Abilene Christian College, Jack was the only student on the Dean's Honour Roll and on Scholastic Probation at the same time! Although he had obtained a high enough grade point average to qualify for the honour roll, his overall G.P.A. was low because of his former University of Manitoba marks.

Jack Close admits a great satisfaction with teaching the class, "Developing a Strong Personal Faith". He considers himself fortunate to work with Christian students and to have the opportunity to bring elements of the Christian faith into all his classes. He loves teaching!

"John Close is recognized by the University of Regina and by the Saskatchewan Department of Education as a very efficient and dedicated educator."

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