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William Clinton Brazle

William Clinton Brazle was born March 14, 1924 at Niotaze, Kansas. His parents were Cloy (still living) and Retha Brazle. He attended Kansas country schools for his elementary education and went to high school at Cedar Vale, Kansas. He studied one year at Kansas State Teachers' College at Pittsburg, and finished his work for a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics at Oklahoma State College in Stillwater in 1948. He took a number of classes at Montana State, Bozeman, one class at Canadian Bible College, Regina and an art history class at Western Christian College. In 1976, he graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Master of Science degree in Bible and missions.

In 1946, Brother Brazle married Faye Guinn of Wellington, Kansas. Their children are Melinda (1948), Marilyn (1949), Michael (1951), Mark (1952), Paul (1954) and Peter (1956). After 25 years of marriage, Faye died of multiple sclerosis.

In 1972, Brother Brazle married Delma Butrum of Abilene, Texas, who had three sons: Melvin (1940 deceased now), James (1945) and Herbert (1949). Clinton and Delma have 22 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Brother Brazle's employment career is as follows: while attending college he worked at Railway Express; preached at Ripley, Oklahoma (1947); minister for two congregations, Kiowa, Kansas and Riverside, Oklahoma (1948-49); minister at Ames, Oklahoma (1949-50); minister at Bozeman, Montana (1950-58); minister at Anaconda, Montana (1958-62); minister for the Brookside church at Tulsa, Oklahoma (1962 63); minister at Weyburn, Saskatchewan (1963 84); an observer at the Boston, Massachusetts church (1984-85); minister for the Brookside church at Tulsa, Oklahoma (1985-89).

At Weyburn, Brother Brazle conducted a daily radio broadcast, "The Living Way," for 12 years (1963-74), and introduced the Bible correspondence course work for Canadian students soon after he arrived in Weyburn and for over seas students in 1979. He served as elder for the church (1967-74).

Brother Brazle conducted his Young Timothy Class for 21 years. This was a leadership training class which met once or twice a week. Attendance in the class fluctuated from seven to over 20.

Brother Brazle attended chapel regularly at the college, taught high school Bible at Western (1973-84), and taught several Bible classes to the college classes during the last four or five years here: Preacher's Life and Work, the Missions Class, Christian Home (Clinton & Delma Brazle). In addition, he was a co-ordinator for the A.C.T.S. program.

Faye Brazle conducted a special class for the young ladies called the Dorcas Class at her home. After she passed away and Brother Brazle married again, his wife Delma taught a girls' class at their home for five or six years.

Brother Brazle was a member of the board of directors of Western Christian College (1971-84) and served as chairman twice (1973-74, 1980 84).

Clinton and Delma Brazle conducted approximately 18 Marriage Encounter weekends at various places, over 65 Family Enrichment Seminars (1974-84) and several Engagement Encounter weekends at their home. They had a Family Enrichment Seminar in Vienna, Austria, and a Marriage Encounter weekend in Belgium. This was the first Marriage Encounter weekend conducted by churches of Christ in Europe.

Brother Brazle went to India twice. In 1970, he was there for three months and taught at the Alpha Bible College. In 1975, he and his wife Delma spent two months in India. While there this time he gathered research material for his Master's thesis: Church Growth in North-East India.

In 1981, he was chosen Alumnus of the Year by the Stillwater church who choose annually an outstanding alumnus from Oklahoma State University.

Brother Brazle treasures highly memories of his work with the Young Timothys while living at North Weyburn. Many of his boys are the leaders of the church in western Canada and the northern states of the U.S.A. Second of importance to him was his part in training the missionary apprentices through the A.C.T.S. program.

He believes that the work of the college is "vital to the ongoing and growth of the church" in western Canada.

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