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Michael Wade Ensley

Michael Wade Ensley, born in 1946 at Colfax, Washington state, is the only son of Bennett and Aline Ensley. He received his elementary and secondary education at Arlington, Virginia. His university education was obtained at several institutions: Central Wesleyan University in South Carolina (1955-56); David Lipscomb College in Nashville, Tennessee (B.A. in European history 1968); Vanderbilt University at Nashville (M.A., 1969); Harding Graduate School in Memphis (1969-70); University of Portland, Oregon (library science, summers 1971, 1972); and University of Regina (summer, 1974).

Michael married Sandra Whitehead of Atlanta, Georgia, on March 14, 1970. They have two sons, Henry (February 7, 1974) and Harold (December 10, 1976).

Before immigrating to Canada, Michael had been employed as a graduate assistant at David Lipscomb College and as a teacher and assistant librarian at Columbia Christian College, Oregon (1970-73). He taught World Civilization and the History of the United States of America at Columbia.

At Western Christian College, Michael was chief librarian and a teacher. He taught both high school and college history. On the college level, he taught church history, European history, American history, Canadian history and philosophy. The Canadian history class was accredited by the University of Regina in 1980.

In volunteer activities, Michael has served as an aide to a U.S. senator in Tennessee, worked with the peace movement in U.S.A., and has had political involvement in election campaigns in both Canada and the United States.

For the Weyburn Church of Christ congregation, he has taught adult Bible classes and was convenor of the church visitation program (1978-81).

In the area of honours and awards, he was chosen as the best student in Christian education, has belonged to a History Honour Society, and was chosen as Teacher of the Year at Columbia Christian College (1970-71). In March 1972, he was chosen to organize a tour group from Columbia to go to Washington, D.C., and while there he taught a course in American government.

At Western Christian College, Michael is pleased to have upgraded the library of the college so that its standard is above the requirements for the programs offered. It gives him a certain satisfaction to have taught an accredited university course in Canadian history when he is self-taught in that subject. Michael Ensley enjoys Western's students and he appreciates bringing up his family in rural Saskatchewan.

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