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Sandra Whitehead Ensley

Sandra Ensley (b 1948) is the second daughter of Harold and Margaree Whitehead. She was born in San Jose, California. Sandy received her elementary and secondary education at Sylvan Hill in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from David Lipscomb College in Nashville, Tennessee (1970, B.S. in music education), and the University of Brandon in 1985. From Brandon, she received her Master's degree in music education. In addition, she had studied some classes at the University of Portland, Oregon (1970-71).

In 1970, Sandy married Michael Wade Ensley. They have two sons, Henry (1974) and Harold (1976), both born at Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Sandy was employed by Bell Telephone Companies a total of six years with experience in Atlanta, Memphis, and Portland. While at Portland, she also taught part-time at Columbia Christian High School (1970-71).

In 1973, Sandy began teaching at Western Christian College and continued to teach there as long as the college remained in North Weyburn except for her one year of educational leave to attend the University of Brandon. During her teaching years at Western, she has taught band, science, social studies, typing, computer applications, computer science, and English. She was the first band teacher at Western (1974-89).

At her home congregations in Atlanta, Nashville, Portland, and Weyburn, Sandy has taught children's Bible classes. She has also been active in vacation Bible schools and in summer camp work.

In addition, Sandy has participated actively in several community organizations, as president of the University Women's Club of Weyburn (1975-76), as a member of the W.C.C. Women's Service Club, as president of the Weyburn Music Festival Association (1988-89), as band representative for the south-east region in the Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association (1986-88), and as group leader for the Weyburn Weight Watchers' Club.

Sandy was honoured by election to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges (1970). In 1984, she was awarded an assistant ship at the University of Brandon and placed on the Dean's Honour Roll. In 1987, she presented her thesis at the National Convention of Canadian Music Educators at Saskatoon. Her thesis, "The Significance of Johan Huizinga's Study of a Play Element in Culture for Music Education" was published in condensed form in the Canadian Journal of Research in Music Education. That article was later reprinted in Ostinato, a journal with music for children, published in Ontario. The 1988 yearbook staff at Western Christian College dedicated its publication to Sandy.

A personal note from Sandy: She has very pleasant memories of students who have assumed responsibility in band activities far beyond the call of duty. Further pleasant memories are of the thrilling moments when the band performance reached unexpected heights of quality. She has also been delighted to witness the growth and development of her students as revealed in essays.

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