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Mildren Jacobs Goodwin

Mildred Doris Goodwin (b 1933) is the second child of Clarence and Hannah Jacobs. She was born on her parents' farm near Minton, Saskatchewan. She received her education, at three country schools: Three Lakes, Glen Curren near Minton, and Patriotic near McCord.

In 1950, she married Gordon Goodwin. Her wedding was held on the farm of her uncle and aunt, Earl and Muriel Jacobs near McCord. Six children were born to the Goodwins: Gayle (1951), Mavis (1953), Lonnie (1955), Twyla (1956), Lola (1958), and Brenda (1959). Before her marriage, Mildred had been employed at the Union Hospital in Moose Jaw. During the years 1950-69, she was a farm wife at McCord and raised six children. In 1969, the Goodwins moved to the college and for the next 20 years she was employed most of the time in Morgan Cafeteria (1969-74 cook, 1974-82 co manager and cook, 1983-86 co-manager and cook, 1988-89 manager). From 1986 to 1989, she also was caretaker of the Weyburn school unit office.

During her years at Western, the cafeteria was run efficiently and many compliments have been received for the well-cooked and tasty meals.

Much of her spare time has been occupied with the usual grandmother concerns as she has five grandchildren living in Weyburn and 15 elsewhere (includes three step grandchildren). She was convenor for the ladies' fellow ship meetings of the Weyburn congregation for four years and also finds time to deliver Meals on-Wheels and visit the nursing home.

Personal note: Mildred has enjoyed her years of contact with Western's students. She says that she becomes wrapped up in their lives and misses them when they graduate. She has also appreciated working with the Christian staff in a happy, pleasant atmosphere.

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