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John Harvey

John Harvey, born in 1939 at Torrington, Wyoming, is the only son of John and Pauline Harvey. He received his elementary and secondary education at Guernsey, Wyoming. His post secondary education was taken at three institutions: University of Wyoming at Laramie (1957-62 B.A. in education), University of San Diego, California (1966-67 M.A.T.), and the Montana State University (1967- 71 Ph.D in mathematics).

In 1964, John Harvey married Caroline Peterson of Powell, Wyoming. They have three children, Janna (1967), John J. (1969), and James (Jamie) (1970).

John Harvey was employed as a junior high school mathematics teacher at Cheyenne, Wyoming (1962-66), did odd jobs (1971-72), and at Western Christian College from 1972 onward. While at Western, he has taught all the different mathematics courses at one time or another, biology (several years), Bible (12 years), English (one semester), and some physical education.

During his years at Western, he has coached football (seven years), girls' volleyball (four years), and has been grade 12 class sponsor for nine years.

Mr. Harvey was a deacon of the Weyburn church (1985-88) in charge of the education program and became an elder in 1988. He has taught Bible classes for the Weyburn congregation, (grade school, high school, and adult classes). John and Carol were in charge of the youth worship for two years.

He has been president of the Weyburn Teachers' Association for two terms (1977-78, 1980-81) and has served on the Teachers' Convention Committee. He considers his greatest honours to be his three academic degrees from three different universities.

Personal note: John Harvey appreciates hearing the visiting alumni admit that the college has changed their lives by pointing them in the right direction, and also hearing the alumni say that they desire the staff and faculty to continue in their task of educating young people.

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