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Donald Charles Husband

Donald Charles Husband, born in 1952 in Wawota, Saskatchewan, is the eldest of five children born to Doris and George Husband. He began his elementary education in the one-room Model School with Arzetta Perry as his teacher. He finished his elementary education at the Wawota School, attending there until 1969.

Donald attended Western Christian College for grade 11 and 12, plus one year of Junior College, completing this facet of his education in 1972. He has since attended the University of Saskatchewan for one year (74-75) and went on to receive his Bachelor of Teaching from Brandon University in 1978. In the spring of 1989, he took the power engineering course which enables him to hold a Class 5 Power Engineering Certificate. He obtained his journeyman carpenter certificate by attending SIAST in Saskatoon in the fall of 1989. Presently he is working on an electrician course through the International Correspondence School.

Donald's work experience began on the Husband farm in Wawota where many skills were developed working with the cattle and handling machinery on the land. In the summer of 1972 he took the opportunity of going to Yellowknife, N.W.T. working there on construction under the foremanship of Mel Jacobs. It was tough work that summer laying 22 cement foundations for housing but it instilled the desire for more carpentry work later. At various later times he worked in the carpentry field with Dueck Construction and Redekopp Construction both located in Wawota. The skills he gained in the employ of these men, who believed in him, always encouraging him to perform to the best of his ability. These experiences instilled in Don the desire to pass on his knowledge and his superior level of diligence to the student workers he now encounters at Western Christian College.

Donald married Loreen Kroeker on December 2, 1978 in Brandon where they had both attended University. They have been blessed with two daughters; Heidi Loreen born April 7, 1980 and Maria Ruth born April 8, 1982. This family was joined in February of 1985 by a chosen son, Benjamin born December 14, 1984. In 1979, Don took a job teaching grades 5 and 6 in Mankota, Saskatchewan. However, concluding that teaching was not his ideal career, Don readily accepted the opportunity offered to, him by J.C.Murray in the spring of 1981 to work in the maintenance department at Western Christian College where he is still employed. His wife Loreen has joined him in his work at Western working from 1983-1988 in the student center and more recently teaching in the high school since 1992.

Church activities and involvement have played a significant role in Don's life over the years. The Wawota congregation encouraged its young men to be speakers and teachers. Many lessons were learned, developed and taught in his growing up years in this congregation. In 1972 he had the opportunity to travel to India with both J.C. Bailey and David McMillan teaching and preaching the New Testament to many willing listeners. Don also spent the summer of 1978 in Belgium with a team headed by Paul Brazle, spreading the message of the church's willingness to study with interested participants. Congregations such as Weyburn, Yellowknife, Saskatoon, Brandon, Horse Creek and now Dauphin have been places of mutual encouragement while working and worshipping together. Don is presently the deacon in charge of the children's education program in the Dauphin Church of Christ.

Interests and activities in the community include curling with the Dauphin Men's Curling Club, playing slow pitch ball, supporting his son's efforts in minor hockey and assisting Theatre Amisk, the local theater group, with its musical productions. He also enjoys cross-country skiing on all of the beautiful trails located in parks surrounding Dauphin.

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