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Floyd Randal Jacobs

Floyd Randal Jacobs is the eighth son of Lewis and Ollie Jacobs. He was born on the farm near Minton, Saskatchewan, in March 1924. He received his education at the local country school and attended three winters at the Radville Bible School. After marriage and quitting farming, he studied a carpenter's course (1967-68) at the Weyburn Community College.

On June 16, 1951, Floyd Jacobs married Marion Joy Tetreau from the Horse Creek area of Saskatchewan. They have four children: Dwayne (1952), Lewis (1953), Shelley (1959), and Randal (1962).

Floyd operated the family farm near Minton from 1940 to 1952, except during one winter (1950) when he was employed at the Marshall Wells Warehouse in Regina. In 1952, he and his young wife moved to a farm at Wellen, Manitoba. At Western Christian College (1968 89), he was employed as stationary engineer and plumber. During 20 years of employment at the college, he drove the school bus for campus children attending school in Weyburn.

Floyd Jacobs has shown an active interest in community affairs throughout his adult life by serving as secretary of the Glen Curren School (five to six years), as a member of the school board at Wellen, Manitoba (three years), as a volunteer fireman in Weyburn (five to six years), as assistant coach of children's baseball in Weyburn (three years), and as a councilor for the hamlet of North Weyburn (seven years). Furthermore, he served as a deacon of the Weyburn church (1969-77) and as an elder of the church (1977-89).

The alumni of Western Christian College honoured Floyd Jacobs by choosing him as Alumnus of the Year 1981.

Personal note: Floyd has a sense of satisfaction in having upgraded the condition of the equipment in the furnace and boiler rooms during his years of employment at Western. He has driven the students in the college bus on chorus tours and to many athletic events. During all those bus rides, he has not been sorry that he went with the young people anywhere.

(P.S. Floyd started school in my first school near Minton in 1930! L.M.Torkelson)

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