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Marjorie Close Roberts

Marjorie Roberts (b 1934) was born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her parents, John and Lois Close before she was a year old. She received her elementary and high school education in Winnipeg and also attended Teachers' College there (1963-64). Since that time she has studied 11 classes at Western Christian College, eight classes at the University of Regina and eight classes by correspondence from the University of Waterloo. Marjorie lacks one year from receiving a Bachelor of Arts in social development studies from the University of Waterloo.

Marjorie Close married Albert Roberts in Winnipeg, April 6, 1953. They have six children: Blair (1954), Kirk (1955), Kerry (1957), Scott (1960), Debbie (1967 chosen), and Penny (1970 chosen).

Prior to her marriage, Marge worked for her father in a radio sales and repair business. She taught grade 1 in Winnipeg for three years. She was employed at Western Christian College for 20 years as a dormitory parent at Torkelson Hall (1968-76) and as dean of student life (1976 88). As dean of student life, she was in charge of life and discipline in out-of-class hours.

Marge is a talented woman. In high school, she usually sang the leading part in the annual musicals. At Western, she directed the popular singing group "Sonshine" for nine years and was the faculty assistant to the college musicals for 12 years.

While she lived in Winnipeg, she raised a number of foster children and was involved with home and school activities. At both Winnipeg and North Weyburn she has taught ladies' and children's Bible classes.

As editor (1981-88) of the women's magazine "Sister Triangle," Marge's influence has gone far beyond her local congregation or the college. This magazine has subscribers in many provinces of Canada, several states of United States, and even overseas. Marge's special achievements as dean of student life include the development of a counselling program and the development of a definite curriculum in life skills. In the counselling program, she had counselling sessions with each student of the college at least two to three times annually. In the life skills classes, she was teaching what parents would be teaching, or should be, if the teenagers had been at home.

Her most challenging activity was to provoke the young people to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Her greatest joy has been helping the students to solve serious problems successfully. The editor of the college yearbook concludes her 1976 dedication to Mrs. Roberts in this way, "Her love, patience and strong convictions make her an ideal mother and sister in Christ. We love you Mrs. R."

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