Western Christian College
Homecoming Royalty


All grade 12 girls who meet the following requirements are candidates: they must have attended W.C.C. at least one full semester prior to being nominated; they must not have been suspended or be on personal probation during the semester in which they are nominated; they must be making respectable grades; they must, in the opinion of the administration, be worthy representatives of the class. Students alone vote for the candidates they feel would be good representatives of W.C.C. Voting is based upon such characteristics as Christian character, friendliness, leadership, and cooperation. Three girls are chosen.

1962 Queen Marian Stewart
Princesses Erna Seibel and Carole Long

1963 Queen Linda Laycock
Princesses Carol Long and Kathy Hamilton

1964 Queen Eleanor Pauls
Princesses Margaret King and Sharon Start

1965 Queen Mary Start
Princesses Darlene Straker and Melinda Brazle

1966 Queen Heather Brown
Princesses Pamela Stone and Sharon Straker

1967 Queen Carol Bailey
Princesses Cheryl Ellis and Mary Muirhead

1968 Queen Betty Hettinger
Princesses Wendy Krogsgaard and Ardith Laycock

1969 Queen Sharlene Campbell
Princesses Debbie Bailey and Bonnie Davies

1970 Queen Leila Andreas
Princesses Cheryl May and Carolyn Reynolds

1971 Queen Susan Bailey
Princesses Janice Boatwright and Starlet Sinclair

1972 Queen Janet Bailey
Princesses Sue Hamer and Danae-Marie Wenaas

1973 Queen Margo Bailey
Princesses Debbi Marshal and Charlotte McGinnis

1974 Queen Kathy Seibel
Princesses Dianna Noyes and Reva Tetreau

1975 Queen LaVonne Peterson
Princesses Shelley Drader and Terri-Lyn Wenaas

1976 Queen Ronda Kemp
Princesses Roberta Goud and Heather McDougald

1977 Queen Paula Carpenter
Princesses Ruth Husband and Patti Rae Wilson

1978 Queen Edith Fleming
Princesses Sherry Bell and Cheryl Muirhead

1979 Queen Shelley Slinn
Princesses Shirley Johnson and Carolyn Williams

1980 Queen Barbara Drader
Princesses Janet Fleming and Lisa Robinson

1981 Queen Pamela Webb
Princesses Teresa Jacobs and Janelle Lidbury

1982 Queen Darla Murray
Princesses Carol Mullaly and Margaret Stienwand

1983 Queen Coreena Jacobs
Princesses Milessa Lidbury and Susan Williams

1984 Queen Carla Jacobs
Princesses Rhonda Murray and Fiona Rich

1985 Queen Deista Jacobs
Princesses Sheena Muirhead and Cheryl Robb

1986 Queen Monica McMillan
Princesses Debbie Roberts and Angela Tucker

1987 Queen Karen Kristianson
Princesses Eroca Gainer and Lisa Jacobs

1988 Queen Pamela Hodgson
Princesses Coralie Jacobs and Stephanie Olson

1989 Queen Melanie Parker
Princesses Tricia Seibel and Rebecca Tucker

1990 Queen Andrea Bourassa
Princesses Tamara Jacobs and Bonnie McMillan

1991 Queen Heather McMillan
Princesses Hope McKnight and Sara Muller

1992 Queen Victoria Dronsfield
Princesses Terri Greenslade and Josie Bellavance

1993 Queen Tara Laliberte
Princesses Jenny Cox and Jann Tetreau

1994 Queen Shannon Tucker
Princesses Rachael Muller and Melissa Quiring

1995 Queen Cherish Kirkpatrick
Princesses Monica Bell and Thessali Good

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