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Earl Daniel Wieb

Earl Daniel Wieb, born 1926, is the son of Daniel and Florence Wieb of Winnipeg. After completing his elementary and secondary education, he apprenticed as a printer and became a journeyman in 1951. In 1955, he graduated from Abilene Christian College with a Bachelor or Arts degree. In 1973, he studied at Oklahoma Christian College to receive a teaching certificate. At the University of Regina (1975-76), he studied additional education and arts classes (four).

In 1947, Dan Wieb married Dorothy Stebbings of Winnipeg. Their children are: Linda (1949), Karen (1952), Tommy (b. 1956 - d. 1964), Allen (1956), and Kent (1959).

Mr. Wieb's employment profile: Systems Equipment Limited, Winnipeg (1944-52); minister for Sherbrook (Erin St.) Church of Christ, Winnipeg (1955-61); president of Western Christian College (1960-73) (during first year of presidency, he resided on campus only one week per month); leave of absence (1973-74); teacher at Western Christian College, except his one year leave of absence (1961-89); principal/dean (1976-85); director of public relations (1984-85); and president again of Western Christian College (1985-88).

Before he became president of the college in 1960, Dan Wieb had served a three year term as a director of the college board. Consequently, Mr. E.D.Wieb has served Western Christian College more than 30 years altogether.

Following his retirement from college life, he continued to teach an English class for the University of Regina for a number of years, and became the minister for the Weyburn Church of Christ.

In addition to his college work, Mr. Wieb has served as an elder of the Weyburn Church of Christ (1972-88) and has delivered lectures and taught at special seminars in various places. He gave a series of talks on the gospel of John on the daily Weyburn radio program "The Living Way" in 1974. He has taught at Bible camps in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Idaho. He delivered lectures at the Pan American Lectureship in Panama City in the late 1960's, at Great Lakes Christian College, Beamsville, Ontario, at the B. C. to B. C. program at Vancouver, and at the European Concentration for Advanced Bible Study in Gemunden, West Germany (1984).

In addition, Mr. Wieb has been associate editor of the Gospel Herald (five years) and co-edited the book, Centennial Yearbook of Churches of Christ in Canada with Geof Ellis.

In Weyburn, Mr. Wieb has been a member of the Rotary Club (seven years) and currently is its secretary-treasurer.

In 1985, he received the Doctor of Laws degree from his alma mater, Abilene Christian University. The degree was presented during the fall lectureship at Western Christian College by Dr. John C. Stevens, chancellor of A.C.U. Earl Daniel Wieb was honoured for his "service to Western, the church as a preacher, as a scholar and writer, to his family, as a community leader and as an educator."

In addition, Dr. Stevens said, "You have offered true service to the cause of Christ by devoting more than a quarter of a century to your work with Western Christian College during which time you have served as a member of the Board of Trustees and as president, teacher, fundraiser, editor, counselor, principal, and dean of the college, while your wife, Dorothy, has served as teacher, librarian, coordinator and hostess for the college."

The Western Christian College students have also honoured the life and work of Mr. Wieb by dedicating the yearbook "The Northern Lights" to him twice (1970, 1986) and the college board of directors named him President Emeritus of the college in 1988.

Mr. Wieb considers that his two major achievements at the college are the renovation of the Rita Foster-Stocking Education Building and the implementation of the more advanced Bible program in 1968. It has been very rewarding to him to watch the maturing of former students throughout the years. He also derives satisfaction from witnessing the spiritual growth of staff members that he has urged to become part of the college. Furthermore, he considers that the survival of the college throughout the years is a miracle. "God has watched over us."

(Recently the following additional material was received, telling of Dan's and Dorothy's more recent activities.)

"After leaving Western Christian College in 1988, I became full- time minister for the Weyburn Church of Christ, a position I held for three years. From 1988 through 1994 I also taught a class for the University of Regina through the Regional College. I finally retired completely in December 1994.

"Beginning in 1990 and continuing to the present, Dorothy and I have spent most of each winter in the Southern United States. Since 1990 I have preached frequently for the church in Weyburn. For the past three years I have written the "Family Matters" page for the "Gospel Herald". In 1992 I completed a monograph on the Book of Romans which may one day be published.

"As of this writing, Dorothy and I have four children, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren." - Dan Wieb.

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