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Ernest Walter Andreas

Ernest Andreas (b 1923) is the oldest son of Cornelius and Olga Andreas of Main Centre, Saskatchewan. He received his elementary and secondary education at Main Centre. In 1947-48, he attended the Winter Bible School at Radville and then in 1974-76, he attended the Knight Arnold School of Preaching at Memphis, Tennessee.

Ernest married Louise Jacobs of Minton, Saskatchewan, in 1948. They had two children: Robert (1951) and Leila (1952). His wife Louise passed away in a car accident in 1978. In 1979, he married Joyce Kirkpatrick of Oklahoma City. Ernest operated a grocery store in Gladmar (1948-53) and worked in the business office of nearby Sybouts Salt Mine (1952-57) during which time he was also the non-resident business manager of Radville Christian College (1953-57). In 1957, Ernest and Louise, with their children, moved to North Weyburn where he became full-time bursar and plant manager of Western Christian College. He occupied this position until 1970. Then he and his wife moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Ernest became public relations director for Western Christian College under the direction of Western Christian Foundation (1970-76).

After graduating from the Knight Arnold School of Preaching, Ernest preached full-time for three different congregations: Chilliwack, B. C. (1976-80), Medicine Hat, Alberta (1980-85), Yorkton, Saskatchewan (1985-90).

Ernest served on the board of directors of Western Christian College (1949-57, 1977-86). He also served as an elder for the Weyburn Church of Christ (1967-70).

In 1958, the college yearbook was dedicated to Ernest and Louise Andreas and in 1977, he was chosen as Alumnus of the Year. When asked what he considered his greatest achievement while working for Western, he replied that the designing and extensive renovations to make the old mess hall into a convenient, modern education building (1968) gave him a good sense of achievement.

He is also pleased that when he lived in Tennessee, he was able to arrange secure funding for the Bible department of the college.

A Western memory: Once when Ernest was crawling in the slippery mud under an old building to repair some plumbing, a rope was tied around his waist to serve as a rescue tether in the event that he became mired!

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