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Louise Jacobs Andreas

Louise Jacobs (b 1920 - d 1978) was the eldest daughter of Lewis and Ollie Jacobs of Minton, Saskatchewan. In 1948, she married Ernest Andreas and two children were born to this union: Robert (1951) and Leila (1952). Louise and her husband and family lived at Gladmar, Saskatchewan, until 1957. The following is taken from the Western Christian Messenger:

"The Andreas family lived on the campus from 1957 to 1970, during which time Ernest was business manager and Louise was loved by all for her Christian service. She was always available to work, assisting in the business office, mailing room, print shop, preparing snacks and meals for others, and assisting in various activities for the church and school. Following this time spent in Weyburn, they moved to Tennessee where Ernest did public relations work for Western Christian Foundation, thus maintaining their close connection with the college. During this time, Louise, in her customary way, was doing benevolent work for the church and assisting the African Christian Schools Foundation. Since 1976, they have been in Chilliwack, British Columbia, working full time for the church...

"In July, to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, Louise accompanied Ernest on a trip to Europe where he was to work with churches in Germany and Austria for two months. Louise returned after the first four weeks and visited with their daughter and others of the family while Ernest completed his work in Europe. Louise's death came as the result of an automobile accident in Edmond, Oklahoma on August 19, just as she left her daughter's home to drive to Winnipeg to meet Ernest as he returned from Europe...All acquainted with Western Christian College are grieved at the untimely passing of Sister Louise Andreas."

Published in The Old Paths Archive (http://www.oldpaths.com)

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